Jimi Wallet: For People Who Hate Wallets

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Is your wallet stuffed to the point of bursting? Time to go minimalist, and help the environment while you’re at it.

The Jimi wallet is small and slender, making it an easy front pocket fit. The cardholder takes four cards while the money clip holds one card and a bill, and slides out if you want to go even more minimal.

The plastic material is translucent for a quick ID flash, and water resistant to protect your cash. A lanyard slot makes it even more convenient, whether you’re a cyclist, student, busy mom, or business executive.

Manufactured from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, the green benefits are twofold: 1% of the sales revenue for each Jimi wallet is invested in the environment.

For an upgrade, check out the JimiX; similar to the original, but with an external moneyclip that provides more room for cash. Jimi also makes multi media cases, SD clips, game shells, lanyards, and other accessories- and everything they sell is under $16.

The Jimi wallet is available in eleven colors, including smoke, aqua, ruby, and sea glass. You can find this U.S. made product in Lance Armstrong’s bike store in Austin, TX, and boutiques in Tokyo…or you can order online.

Price: $14.95 | BUY

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