The philosophy of liberty explained

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In 8 minutes, learn how the philosophy of liberty is based on the hallmark of self-ownership.

In the USA, it seems barely a moment passes before you hear references to freedom and liberty. This could be talk about the right of free speech, gun control, property, or any other number of topics.

This is not surprising. The US was built upon the philosophy of liberty. But what does this philosophy even mean? Watch the short film below:

Seems a fair and pleasant way of living, doesn’t it? If we always look out for Number #1, everyone would be better off. Or would they?

Consider this philosophy for anyone who’s traveled to developing countries. The truth is that the world economies are vastly connected – cheap goods in one means cheap labour in another. It becomes soberingly clear that only looking out for ourselves means crippling the well-being of others.

Helen Lindsay agreees. In response to the film, she writes:

Libertarianism does not recognise the interrelatedness and interrelationships between all the people on this planet. It provides a haven for inherently selfish people – people with the ‘cheating’ gene. Unless humans recognise we have an inherent nature for materialism and greediness, which competes with our altruistic tendencies, we are doomed to compete and fight with each other forever.

What do you think of the ideas presented in the video? Is it the ideal system or fundamentally flawed?

Watch the video: The Philosophy of Liberty - A simple understanding of Liberty in 8 Minutes..

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