“Lifelogging” With Sony’s eye-tracking glasses

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Sony’s new glasses prototype tracks and records the movement of the human eye.

Actually, the device isn’t glasses, but rather an attachment that can be fixed on any pair of glasses. And the features? Both fascinating and frightening.

  • Infrared LEDs
  • Photoreceivers
  • Camera
  • GPS/Geotagging
  • Text recognition

This thing doesn’t just record what you see – it records what you focus on, which is where it crosses the line from cool to a little freaky for me. The implications of what could be done with this sort of technology are pretty staggering. Dvice pointed one out:

Imagine the consequences if a divorce lawyer could prove you were constantly checking out the hot babes while walking with your wife. Any last shred of privacy is basically out the window when you’re using this technology.

Whether used for right or wrong, these things could definitely infringe on some basic privacy rights. For gamers, they’re a dream come true.

And for travelers? I admit I misread the title at first to read “lifeblogging” – a funny mistake, but it made me think. We have blogs, we have vlogs – what sort of vlog could be created from a piece of technology like this that records everything from one person’s point of view? If it does catch you looking when the wind blows up that girl’s skirt, I’d say it would be a pretty transparent vlog indeed.

via Gizmodo

Watch the video: Sony Smartband u0026 Lifelog App walkthrough


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