Wunderland Kalkar: Nuclear power plant turned amusement park

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The SNR-300 was meant to be Germany’s first Fast Breeder nuclear reactor. I have no idea what that means, other than you may not want to take your kids there for a family-friendly adventure.

But judging by the photos I saw on Laughing Squid today, maybe you should.

The SNR-300 site was sold in 1995 to a Dutch businessman after public outcry over Chernobyl and other high-profile nuclear catastrophes shut the project down. The formerly abandoned space in Kalkar, Germany was transformed into Wunderland Kalkar: an amusement park and convention center, complete with a 400-bed hotel, a roller coaster, and a suspiciously Disney-esque flying elephant ride.

Special Wunderland touches include a 130-foot climbing wall up the side of the reactor’s cooling tower, plus this vomit-inducing swing ride on the inside:

Germany’s recent decision to shut down all of the country’s nuclear reactors by 2022 now has me wondering if we can expect to see more radioactive-themed attractions popping up.

If you’re interested in a visit (and you happen to be great at reading Dutch or German), check out the summer deals on Wunderland’s website — at least I think they’re deals.

(Via Laughing Squid & The Daily Mail)

Watch the video: What If You Fell Into a Spent Nuclear Fuel Pool?


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